What educational qualifications are required to become a Astronaut

How to become astronaut

What educational qualifications are required to become a astronaut and what is their salary?
NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) – Many people will want to become astronauts and go into space, but do you know what education and experience are required to become an astronaut and how much the astronauts are paid?

Astronaut Qualifications

According to the Daily Star, being selected as an astronaut is like bringing a gambling lion. Astronauts usually start their careers as pilots and fly superfast aircraft. They must have 3 years or 1,000 hours of flying experience before applying for aerospace.

Qualifications for Astronaut

Then they should have a master’s degree in science, engineering or Riyadh and then a very strict selection process awaits them, which consists of several stages from physical examination to rigorous interviews which hardly anyone could pass. This can be estimated from the fact that in 2017, 18,300 people applied to NASA to become astronauts, of which only 12 were selected.

Salary of Astronaut

When it comes to salary, astronauts are paid according to grade. Their grades range from GS 12 to 13 and each grade has grades 1 to 10. Initially, the salary of a GS12 Grade 1 pilot is 66,167 thousands (approximately Rs. 14 million) per annum. When the astronaut reaches GS12 grade 10, his annual salary is 81,021 thousands (approximately Rs. 12.8 million). Reaching the GS13 grade 10, the astronauts’ annual salary is 122,288 thousands(approximately Rs. 161 million).

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