Twitter has decided to introduce a new features

Twitter’s decision to introduce several new feature,

New York: (WebWorkSpace) The popular web-based media and long-distance informal communications website Twitter has chosen to introduce a number of new components that will radically change the customer experience at this stage.

On Experts Day, the organization unveiled a number of new components, including highlights on networks, tipping, and account membership.

Networks is an element like Facebook meetup that allows users to come together in their common interests.

The Twitter organization needs to create a provisioning experience that makes it easier to move clients to key geographies or networks. The organization announced that this component is a significant extension of the theme, allowing users to follow a record of tweets and benefits.


Twitter new Features

Twitter new stuff.

The organization added that the investigative provisions would be useful for producers and forces that need to adopt their own Twitter following, which would include elements such as tipping and super following. The organization did not say how the tipping factor would work, but said it would be based on the organization and its long-standing membership.

Although SuperFollowers allow customers to have newsletters, unique descriptions and other unusual things, producers will actually want to see the tweets that these people will see and really want to respond to.

The organization did not say when the items would be free for consumers or when testing would begin.

Twitter has a history of sharing components and plans are being considered in the early stages of improvement. For example, it recently came up with ideas for emphasizing a possible “statement” that would allow users to interact with other people’s tweets. Today, the organization is sharing a large amount of plan research that will allow users to easily control who can see their tweets and who can stop their replies. New ideas include just how to tweet with a crowd of trusted peers, new gestures that will ask people to re-evaluate the language used when posting a response, and will also include a “person” Which will allow you to tweet as usual. Your various settings – your work life, your hobbies and interests, etc. Like about tweets.

The organization says it has carefully considered these ideas and is now trying to gather input so that it can suggest what it can do next.

The first of the new ideas started last year with the introduction of a component that allows you to choose a unique banner to whom your tweets will be answered. Today, customers may decide to limit replies to only those referred to in the tweet, only to those they follow, or leave it as “all” by default. ۔ Although it allows users to limit who can react, anyone can view the original tweet. They can also like, retweet or tweet the post.

By emphasizing trusting the suggested friends, customers can tweet in their meeting according to their preferences. This could be a way to use Twitter with real friends or any other small individual organization you know better. Maybe you can post a tweet that your friends in New York can see when you need to tell them you’re visiting the area. Or, on the other hand, you can only offer people who share your love for a particular program, game or interest.

The ability of these private discussions near public forums can help people use Twitter and even encourage some people to tweet in an interesting way. Still, it can be equally troublesome for Twitter, as it will work on the unique concept of a single stage of the organization, a kind of open message board where everyone is invited to discuss. Users may start to wonder if their posts deserve to be shared publicly and they can choose to keep most of their content away from Twitter’s large crowds, which can affect the measure of Twitter engagement. Is. It also brings Twitter closer to the Facebook zone, where only a few posts are directed to the world, and more are given only to comrades.

Twitter says that the advantage of this feature, as well as the design, is that it can free individuals from the tasks they are currently using – such as switching to various alternative accounts or explicit and guaranteed tweets. Switching between

Another viable new element is the response language prompts. This feature allows Twitter users to select phrases they would not like to find in their answers. These words and phrases will be prominent when one returns to the first banner, and a brief explanation will explain why the first banner does not want to see such language. For example, customers can design signs that will appear if someone uses pornography in their responses.

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