Top World Expensive Books

most expensive book ever purchased in World. some Unique Books have Priced in not thousands of Dollars but in millions of dollars. These books are Top World Expensive books.

1.whole book of psalme

This Book was First to publish in Cambridge missa justice in 1640. This book also has award of the First publishing book in America. This book has 148 pages. It was a collection of songs and Music Notes. before its Auction، it was estimate price was 30 million 2014 it is Called most Expensive Book of the World.

2.The Birds of America

The Author of this Book was jone James Audubon. He writes and creates this Book between 1827-1838. This Book have Collection of Birds pictures painting. Most paintings were made from oil paint and some sketches from a pencil and pen. The interesting point of this Book was that the picture of Birds was the same as its same according to Bird’s body this book, the Author covered all southern birds of California which were now rare on Earth. The price of this Book was 73 Million 21 Thousand 250 pounds.

3.The First Folio

it was the first book that was published after seven years of Author Death. The Author of this Book was great man William Shakespeare and this Book has an award of a rare collection of Shakespeare books. This book was published in 1923 and it initial price was one pound.which is equal to 100 pounds Now. This Book has 800 Volumes and out of 800, only 233 Volume exists.5 Volumes of this Book was in the British 2001 the price of this book was 6 million pounds. now this book has 5 million pound price estimate.

4.The Canterbury Bury Tales

Author of this Book was Geo free Chancellor. He writes this book when 100 years ago war continued in the last 14 Century. This book was a collection of twenty rare tales/stories. The book was published in 1477 and it has only twelve parts was 1998 price of the book was 46 Million pounds. Now it cross 50 Million pounds.

5.Copy of constitution Bill of Rights

it is the original documents of American rights drafts. This Constitution Bill of American rights was approved in 1789 of government jeroge wishgtion . This draft purchased by mountin wartin ladies association in 10 Million dollars.

6. Beedle the bard the Tales of

it is part of the world Famous series herry Potter and it was like children. Amazon invests 1.95 Million dollars to give this shape of the book. It seven Volumes but only one volume was sold, other volume distributed between closed to herry Potter series people. This book was an Expensive book For children.

7. Don Quixote

This book was written by Famous Novel writer “Magoil De sarwanity ” of Spain. This Novel Book has Equlaivent popular people of all ages. This book has the award of Best Book of the Top World Literature books. This Novel was published in two-volume 1605 and 1615. This masterpiece book is translated into many languages. This book Auction of this book was made in 15 Million dollars.

8. The S-T CuthBert Gospel

it was Religious Book of From Sixteenth Century. This small book saved in its original format. This book was a holy book for Christian. In July 2011 British Library was want to buy this book but he knows that worth of this book 90 Million pounds. To buy this book British Library raise a campaign for fund collection for this book. after nine months they able to buy this book. Now this book was Adornment in British Library ۔

9. The Cordex Leicester

This Book also popular with the Name of Cordex Hummer. The topic of this book was scientific researches. The Author of this Book was mojid NardqadAnchi who was a great Musician, Scientist, and Painter of the Sixteenth Century. This book bought by world Famous and Rich Man BillGates in 30 Million dollars.

10. Geographia Cosmographian Ptolemaies

it is an old book of geographia it’s also called “bologna”. The Author of this Book was ptoli. Jackbas anjy translated this fantastic book into the Italian language in 1406. The interesting point of this book was mapped was prepared according to the instructions of ptoli in the First part. The addition of this rare book Bolognia was sold in 20 Million Pounds

This was a list of the most expensive books in the world.

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