Chemistry of Anger and Our Emotions

Chemistry of Anger

Anger Science: The Way to Control Anger

Someone who understands the science of anger.

Can he handle his dissatisfaction easily?

The science of anger “I asked”

What’s going on here “

“There are sixteen artificial compounds inside us. These artificial compounds shape our emotions, our emotions determine our mood and this mindset shapes our character.”

Emotions in the last 12 minutes. “

“For example,” I asked …? They began to say

“For example, anger is an emotion. This emotion is produced as an artificial reaction. For example, our body does not make insulin.

It was less than we wanted.

I ate too much salt.

Chemistry of Anger

We didn’t get enough rest or we left the house full. What will be the result? There will be a comprehensive reaction within us. This reaction will increase our heart rate and this circulating stress will make us angry. We’ll blow it up yet.

Our explosion is only 12 minutes away.

It will be

After 12 minutes, our body releases synthetic substances that quench the anger, and after 15 minutes we become cold.

So if we learn to control the anger of twelve minutes, we will stay away from the anger of loneliness. “

“Is this treatment limited to anger, so to speak?” I asked.

He smiled and said, “No, we have six basic emotions.”

‘Anger’, ‘Fear’, ‘Sneer’, ‘Shock’, ‘Happiness’ and ‘Trouble’, this emotional charge is only twelve minutes long. “We were scared for only twelve minutes.” In fact, we only underestimate twelve minutes, explode twelve minutes, and wonder for twelve minutes.

Twelve minutes later, our body standardizes our every emotion, “I replied.” But all day long I see so many people in the universe full of anger, pity, contempt and fear. Why do they say they are not normal all day?

He smiled and said, “Take a look at these emotions like fire. There is a fire in front of you. Imagine a scene where you keep pouring some oil on the fire. Imagine a scene where you put dry wood on it. Keep putting it. ” The fire of wrath will spread, it will be eaten.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about a person.

If I don’t take it, this passion turns into our long mindset and this mood turns into our character, our character. NS

He paused and then said, ‘Have you asked why so many of us are constantly laughing, contempt, fear, anxiety or anger?’

The explanation is unsolicited.

Beatings were felt everywhere for twelve minutes but did not recede, so this feeling of shock, laughter, contempt, fear, bitterness or anger is his character. It was formed from beginning to end of time. If these people had been detained for twelve minutes, they would have escaped from a truly shocking ordeal.

“Isn’t love energy?” I asked. He immediately replied, “Love and desire are really the guardians of happiness. This energy is only twelve minutes. If you do not put new wood in the stove, it will be twelve minutes.” I left, but we idiots tied him with ropes and wrapped them around our necks and then we went crazy and embarrassed. Hold on, but we can’t, we were stoned, beaten, detained and embarrassed.

“How are you going to deal with those twelve minutes?”

“She just smiled and said, ‘I just showed it to you.’ He exploded, asked me for his document, I said, ‘I flagged your document and sent it back but it didn’t work. Similarly I was accused of lying and lying, And they also mistreated my mother and sister. My body and mind were engulfed in flames, but when I realized that my condition would last only 12 minutes, I stood up without noticing.

In those 20 minutes, my anger subsided, and it really came back. If I didn’t ask, I would answer. There will be a fierce way of talking between us, people will be cut off, there will be a handshake, I will be beheaded or I will be hurt, but what will be the end result? Mischief? Turns out we were both stupid. We chased the dog all day without looking at our ears. I sat at the petition site and spent twelve minutes and said, ‘He and this whole office are suffering. Day and honor are safe “

I asked, “Are you begging angrily every time?”

“It’s not in any shape, form or form. At any given moment, I have emotions. I cover my face first. I don’t make the slightest noise,” he said. When I’m laughing, I just laugh and start.

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